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In Response to Insurrection at the Capitol + ACTION STEPS

We, Sunrise Movement Hamilton College, stand firmly against and condemn the attack on our democracy that occurred on January 6th, when thousands of white supremacist insurrectionists stormed the Capitol Building in an attempt to derail the counting of Electoral College votes to instate Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.

To be clear, we do not see last week’s events as a “protest”—as the news media has been calling it—due to its completely unpeaceful and anti-democratic intentions, as well as the seemingly cooperative nature of the police on scene. With only 61 people arrested during Wednesday’s attack, the Capitol Police officers’ actions stand in direct contradiction to the nearly 150 young people arrested in Sunrise’s 2018 sit-in outside of Nancy Pelosi’s office in the very same building this attack occurred. There is an even greater discrepancy when the officers’ response is compared to the hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters arrested in Washington, DC alone. This siege of the Capitol Building was not a protest, but an attempted fascist coup to overthrow our democracy that Capitol Police did little to nothing to stop.

Looking to history, we know that fascism and racism go hand in hand. While there is no question that Donald Trump did in fact incite his supporters to take this action, white supremacy does not end with the Trump administration. It is deeply ingrained into our history as a country and still lives and breathes in our government policies and criminal justice system.

Making a statement such as this one is only the first and easiest step to eradicating white supremacy from our country, with so much more to do to atone for the events of this week. While we can make it perfectly clear that we do not support what happened in our nation’s capital, our representatives need to work to make sure it never happens again.

Those who incited this violence must be held accountable; this is not a time to simply move on. Although there are only 4 days left in Donald Trump’s term as president, that is 4 days too many to allow him to hold office. Now that the House of Representatives has successfully impeached Donald Trump, we now call upon the Senate to remove him from office such that he can never run for President again. We also call upon Congress to remove all members of the House and the Senate who were active participants in this insurrection, including Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.

If you are as angry about this attempted coup as we are, please consider taking some of these action steps:

Please add your name to co-sign Representative Cori Bush’s bill to remove the members of congress who stoked this insurrection:

To voice your support for Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, please sign this Action Network petition from the Working Families Party:

To voice your support for Representative Jamaal Bowman’s bill to investigate Capitol Police for their negligence on Wednesday, please sign this petition by Color of Change:

Additionally, in solidarity with Sunrise Movement DC, we encourage you to read their statement here and consider making a contribution to any of the DC mutual aid opportunities that they have listed here:

Lastly, please take time to read through the 2020 Election Resource Guide put together by the Hamilton Coalition for Justice & Democracy, which we are a proud member of, here:

As we only have these last few weeks to relax and work before returning to Hamilton, please stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other, and be prepared to not allow hate or violence onto our campus. Our board is always here for support.

In solidarity,

Madison Lazenby, Hub Coordinator

Izzy Rutkey, Hub Coordinator

Jessica Sanchez, Hub Coordinator

America Grafton, Secretary

Andrea Hayman, Treasurer

Emily Fienco, Justice, Equity, and Anti-Oppression Chair Emeritus

Samuel Greenhouse, Hub Delegate Emeritus

Charlie Guterman, Art Lead Emeritus

Zoe Sauvé, Hub Coordinator Emeritus

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