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Governor Cuomo Must Resign

We, Sunrise Movement Hamilton College, stand in solidarity with SMART and the organization’s founder Charlotte Bennett ‘17, as well as Lindsey Boylan, Anna Ruch, Alyssa McGrath, Karen Hinton, Ana Liss, Jessica Bakeman, Valerie Bauman, Sherry Vill, the anonymous survivor, and all other women who have been harmed by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s harassment and assault. Governor Cuomo’s actions are unacceptable for any person, most of all for the leader of New York State. We believe these survivors and we join SMART in demanding other organizations, students, and Hamilton College to speak up for them.

We are unequivocal in our assertion that Governor Cuomo must resign and, if he refuses to do so, must be impeached. We are joined in this assertion by many Congress members including Representatives Bowman, Jones, and Ocasio-Cortez, and Senators Gillibrand and Schumer; dozens of New York State Assembly and Senate members including Assemblyman Ron Kim ‘02; and countless other New York State elected officials.

Governor Cuomo is unfit to serve in office and all survivors deserve justice. Believe them, fight for them.

In solidarity,

Madison Lazenby, Hub Coordinator

Jessica Sanchez, Hub Coordinator

Izzy Rutkey, Hub Coordinator

America Grafton, Secretary

Andrea Hayman, Treasurer

Emily Fienco, Justice, Equity, and Anti-Oppression Chair

Charlie Guterman, Art Lead

Zoe Sauvé, Art Lead

Fatima Oliva, Policy Lead

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